Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Sacred Hearts Fathers
"For it is the love of Christ which is moving us" 2 Cor 5,14
These words of St.Paul were cherished by our founder Marie-Joseph Coudrin, and were also an inspiration for the brothers and sisters belonging to his order.
"Our mission urges us to evangelizing action by which we enter into the interior dynamism of Christ’s love for his Father and for the world, especially for the poor, the afflicted, the marginalized and those who have not heard the Good News." (Rule, article 6).
Our intention is therefore clear, and as our Rule points out: We are committed to turning people's hearts towards the spirit of the Gospel.
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Foundation and history (1800-1837)
Our order was founded in Poitiers (France) in 1800 by Marie-Joseoh Coudrin and Henriette Aymer de la Chevalerie.
Right from the beginning, there was an order for both women, men and a secular branch, that lay people joined so they could give support to the members of the order, and also live in the spirit of the congregation.
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Our lives and call are nurtured by private and common prayer. The Adoration of the Eucharist is the ultimate expression of our spirituality. It is the period when we meditate together with our resurrected Lord and Master, the beloved son of the Father, who came to serve and save us.
During the Adoration we join our prayers with Christs, interceding for mankind and especially those who have committed sin.
At the same time the act of Adoration enables us to see the world through God's eyes, and inspired by the spirit of the Gospel to devote themselves to cooperate with God's plan of salvation for the world.
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Come and see!
We invite you, and those sharing the same spirit of our order, to a reawakening and to live in the faith of Jesus Christ.
Would you like to know more about us?
You can contact us:
e-mail     Legpicpus (third branch)
e-mail     Sacred Hearts Fathers
adresse:              Nordahl Bruns gate 13
0165 Oslo
telefon +47 21 99 84 64
Legpicpus (third branch)
The Picpus order was founded as an order for both women and for men. However, from the beginning there has always existed lay people, who would take part in the community's spirituality, life of prayer and mission.
The members are married and single, but they commit themselves to follow the congregation's ideals: Adoration, meditation, community, and call.
In Norway we have four members, and their leader is Berit Lea
The Congregation today
Today approximately 700 of our sisters and 900 of our brothers live and work in 35 countries. In Norway for example we have brothers from Germany and Poland officiating.
Our order has projects in different plaves in nearly all of West-European countries, in North and South America, in Asia(India; Indonesia, Japan, Philippines) and on the following islands, Cook isles, Tahiti, Hawaii and New Zealand.
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